Room inspo | Minimalist


When life gets busy, it’s easy to let your bedroom décor fall to the wayside. Things pile up in corners, creating unnecessary clutter; bedding ages and fades; and furniture pieces get bumped and scratched—or simply stop service the storage purposes that you once needed. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to get your bedroom back to a state of pure. All you need is a little decluttering and zhushing up.

Minimalist bedrooms do more than just look good. Their pared-back nature also has relaxing benefits, which can help you fall and stay asleep longer. Muted tones in bare spaces can put your mind in a state of relaxation quicker than a melatonin pill.


Saddle bag is BACK | Trend 2019


I was blown away by the huge influencer push Dior did for the return of its logo-stamped saddle bag for autumn, and it’s left me seriously craving the much-loved saddle silhouette. Dior wasn’t alone either as many of my favourite power brands are reinventing the saddle — Chloe introduced the Tess, Loewe bought us the Gate and Wandler had the new Luna. Instagram has basically gone wild for this practical classic, with every influencer i can think of owning a version of this shoulder bag.

Chanel spring 2019| Ready to wear


Hello, Angels!

I’m trying to get back into the rhythm of blogging so I apologize for the lack of posts lately! Figured the best way to start again is by posting things that inspire me, which is a huge part of why I started this blog years ago!

I wanted to post some of my favorite looks for the recent Chanel Spring 2019 Runway Show. With 80+ looks, it was very hard to edit it down to these few below…