Chanel spring 2019| Ready to wear


Hello, Angels!

I’m trying to get back into the rhythm of blogging so I apologize for the lack of posts lately! Figured the best way to start again is by posting things that inspire me, which is a huge part of why I started this blog years ago!

I wanted to post some of my favorite looks for the recent Chanel Spring 2019 Runway Show. With 80+ looks, it was very hard to edit it down to these few below…

How to get a glowy skin| Skincare


Hello world!

As you know, I think it is so important to a beautiful glowy skin. I take care of my face daily because it is important.
In this article I will give you tips how you can get a glowy skin.

First of all: It is so important to drink water.
You’ve probably heard that you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily and enough sleep for a perfect skin, but there are more tricks to get the best out of your skin.

Summer Goals


Hi everyone!
Nu het zomer is heb ik zoveel tijd om dingen te gaan doen die ik leuk vind. Zo ga ik in Augustus naar Engeland, mijn zus visiten.
En wil ik paar ´goals´ gaan halen voor mijn eindexamen begint.


Now it is summer i have so much things to do, and i want to do so much things i like. I’m going to England in August. I’m going to visite my sister in london. I want to archieve some of my ‘goals’ before my final exams begins.